GATE in Biomedical 

Text Processing

How GATE supports Bio-medical research

GATE is a widely used, established open source natural language processing (NLP) infrastructure, that provides a framework and numerous essential components (plugins) for clinical NLP.

GATE infrastructure diagram

GATE components

Components include:

GATE solutions

Beyond making NLP tools openly available, GATE also provides:

Using these NLP tools and services, even users without coding experience can easily use, adapt, or build an NLP system to analyse clinical text.

Thanks to its open source nature, GATE users also benefit from tools and applications that are provided by third-party GATE users and shared via public repositories.

The GATE team

The GATE development team dedicates significant resources to supporting and growing the GATE user community through regular and bespoke training courses, open access training materials, documentation, and an open user mailing list.

The GATE team also offers consulting services to help the development of new NLP applications in the clinical and healthcare sectors. Successful ongoing collaborations include (amongst others)

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